NTR Mahanayakudu – Redemption Or Further Destruction In Store?So, it is officially out, the release date of the second part of NTR biopic, Mahanayakudu will be on February 22nd. The question now on everyone’s mind is what could be in store after for the movie after the disastrous response of the first part. Well here are the best and worst case scenarios.

First, we look at the positive aspect which leads to the redemption of NTR. The first part has seen such a worse response that one gets a feeling, that it can’t go any further down. Also, unlike the first part, there is no more “cinema” aspect to it, and the movie will be more about the political issue. The rise of NTR as a politician and the becoming the Chief Minister and presence of other characters and interesting angles gives one better hope.

The arrival of NTR – Kathanayakudu and its reception has lowered expectations on Mahanayakudu. The mental tuning is going to be the biggest asset for it when it arrives.

Then there is the season disadvantage. NTR – Mahanayakudu is arriving in a dead period. The first one came in Sankranthi period and couldn’t achieve anything. What about the second one coming without that advantage? It is also on everyone’s mind.

Keeping these in mind, the chances of redemption look low. But, we should never entirely write off big films, especially when so much is going for it, even though the signs might point otherwise.