At young age of 26, Kajal Aggarwal has managed to reach a point in her career that many before her have failed to do. With 26 films under her belt in Telugu, Tamil as well as Hindi, Kajal recently talked about the various sides of her career.

Talking about her favourite costars in the industry, Kajal says that in Tamil films, she enjoyed working with Vijay in Thupaaki, even though he barely spoke and she was the one always blabbering. Kajal likes people who are friendly, but not over-friendly. He is like that. In Telugu films, she is fond of Junior NTR. Kajal believes that he is not only a good actor, but is honest. He is arrogant, but she still likes him as arrogance is also a part of honesty.

Ending on the note of lessons learned from the industry, Kajal said that she has learnt patience. There are annoying times where you need to wait endlessly for a shot. While earlier, she used to need 10 people to entertain me, now she has learnt to entertain herself.