NTR Has To Learn This From Allu ArjunIf there is one thing that is in common between Allu Arjun and Jr NTR, it would be that both of them are taking a whole lot of time to commence their upcoming projects. Both these heroes haven’t been film sets for close to 8 months now, but they are not showing any real sense of rush just yet.

While NTR is yet to start NTR30’s shoot, Allu Arjun is taking forever to take Pushpa 2 onto the floors. But there’s one thing that NTR can learn from Allu Arjun right away.

While Allu Arjun is starving his fans of updates, he is making enough offline appearances and ad shoots. Snaps of Allu Arjun in his new look are all over social media. He also shares snaps of himself from his vacations on social media. Fans are at least getting to make to with these.

But as for NTR, he is least active on social media. He didn’t even sharing any new snaps on Instagram on the occasion of his kids’ birthday recently.

While both sets of fans are desperate for their heroes to commence their next projects, Allu Arjun’s fans are at least enjoying the luxury of watching their hero frequently through ad shoots, NTR’s fans are completely deprived of personal and professional updates. NTR should take a cue from Allu Arjun in this regard and try to satisfy his fans at least to an extent.