NTR Fans Over Reaction On RRR Deleted ScenesIt has been close to 4 weeks since the release of RRR, but the film is still the focal point of most of the discussions related to Telugu cinema. The latest aspect that has come to discussion is the deleted scenes.

Earlier today, a video of a character artist stated “I shot for an elevation scene featuring NTR garu. This scene comes right after he is put in jail. We all go to Bheem (NTR) and plead him to be our leader. This is a fantastic scene, but it did not make it to the final cut.”

NTR‘s fans are now stressing too hard on the comment made by the artist. They are calling out Rajamouli for chopping out an elevation scene featuring their favorite hero.

But it needs to be noted that Rajamouli would have taken tough calls in regard to deleted scenes. He might have chopped off scenes featuring both the heroes in view of the narrative. As Rajamouli himself states, he always looks for flow of proceedings rather than individual high moments.

So, instead of quarreling about the deleted scenes, fans should enjoy the theatrical cut that is served to them. They are acting as if Rajamouli intentionally chopped off the said scenes.

That said, there will be great curiosity amongst fans regarding the deleted scenes. The only solution for that is releasing uncut version on OTT. But that is near impossible as Rajamouli and team RRR will have to rework on the whole output again. So, there is no point in overtly stressing on the deleted scenes.