NTR Fans Have Their Revenge Exactly After One Year!In June last year, former Actress Meera Chopra had launched a scathing attack on NTR and his fans after a few miscreants bad-mounted her. She had demanded that NTR should reprimand them and also lodged a Police complaint to that extent. She even complained about the same to Minister KTR who asked the Police to take action.

Later we are not aware of what has happened in that case. NTR fans were very angry on her for tainting the image of their favorite hero for the work of some miscreants. Finally, they are having their revenge one year after the incident. The former actress recently posted a picture of her getting the COVID jab.

Later it was revealed that she posed herself as a frontline worker to get the vaccine. A picture of the ID Meera used to get the vaccine has ended up on social media. She faked as a supervisor for an agency called Om Sai Aarogya Care Pvt. Ltd and got the vaccine as a frontline worker.

Meera instantly deleted the post of her vaccine shot but NTR fans are on a rampage on Twitter tagging the authorities demanding stern action on the actress for fooling the government in the middle of a pandemic. The actress, meanwhile, claims no knowledge of the ID card and says she saw it for the first time.