NTR Fans Boycott Rajamouli's Vizag RallySS Rajamouli is the Presenter of Bollywood film, Bharmastra’s Telugu version. He is in Vizag when the team arrived for the promotions.

Fans have accorded a grand welcome to him with a Bike Rally and Gajamala in the Port city. But then, it is interesting to note that NTR fans were absent from this rally.
NTR Fans often own Rajamouli as their own due to his relationship with NTR. They are always at the forefront whenever he visits the Port city but it is not the case today.

A section of fans were upset with Jakanna that he did not do justice to NTR in RRR. This inferiority complex started online initially and slowly spread to offline as well.

Hence, their participation is very minimal in Rajamouli’s Vizag tour.

It is disappointing that the issue has come to that level despite Rajamouli giving his best to NTR in RRR. Some elevations and Komaram Bheemudo in the movie are like never before.

He has introduced NTR the performer to the world with Komaram Bheemudo. RRR is also NTR’s maiden 1000 Crore film. Despite all this, fans are blaming Rajamouli for no reason.