Jr NTR doesn’t care for Rajasthan sentiment
From time to time we have been coming up with sentiments that are exclusive to the Telugu films which the makers to take seriously. One among such sentiments is the Rajasthan sentiment among the Telugu films. So far most of the Telugu films shot in Rajasthan have been duds at the box office in Telugu. The films that immediately come to our mind are Khajela and Shakthi both shot extensively in Rajasthan. Apart from these Mahesh Babu also has films like Yuvaraju and Bobby to the list. So it is seen as a negative sentiment and not many films are shot there.

But Jr NTR doesn’t seem to care about this sentiment and is going ahead with the Rajasthan schedule as planned without any delay for his upcoming film Joru. The unit which is currently shooting in Ramoji Film City is expected to wrap the schedule in a couple of days and leave for Jaipur immediately to commence a month long schedule starting from December 7. This month long schedule is expected to involve shooting of a song, talkie portion and an action sequence. Jr NTR is currently in need of a massive and universally accepted success, let’s hope this sentiment doesn’t come in the way.