NTR dissolving boundaries with Nandamuri fansThere is talk in the industry spread by the gossip mongers that there is an apparent tiff between Balakrishna and Jr.NTR. Both Balakrishna and NTR didn’t come out in open speaking on the issue. But many cine observers opine that Nandamuri fans have split into Balayya fans and NTR’s fans. Hence, NTR isn’t getting right kind of support from nandamuri fans during his film’s release.

The people who criticise Nandamuri heroes show many instances when Balakrishna spoke distancing NTR away from him. NTR not invited for one of the important events of the family also is quoted to show that both of them have differences. Even when Balakrishna was injured during a shooting, NTR tweeted about the accident but personaly didn’t pay visit.

But one first look of ‘Temper’ changed everything and Nandamuri fans’ response showed that they aren’t split into two camps. The way they shared the NTR’s macho look posters online only created a confusion whether the differences perceived are only myth. It is proved that if Jr.NTR film has good stuff, Nandamuri fans are always there for him.

Even in ‘Memu Saitham’ event, NTR was all praise for his Babaai Balakrishna for his energetic performances and reminisced his grandpa Sr.NTR once again. Though many talk about differences, NTR from his side always made sure that he gives proper respect to his illustrious grandfather Sr.NTR and Balakrishna equally. His right attitude seems to be the way which is helping him to dissolve the boundaries if any with Nandamuiri fans.