Jr NTR Coterie, Jr NTR Coterie Group, Jr NTR Coterie Members, Jr NTR Coterie Names, Jr NTR Coterie List, Jr NTR Coterie People, Jr NTR Coterie FolksYoung Tiger NTR is slowly but steadily getting into the right groove with perfect choices in movies. His last three choices especially reflect the change that brings him close to the urban audience by giving him a makeover.

All of it is good but is there a small problem lurking somewhere? One gets this feeling looking his recent interviews where he blames all the mistakes and missteps on his decisions. Well, its partially right but another big problem post Simhadri was the presence of coterie that misguided him often. More than his own decision it was their choices that failed for him.

The star could have said it out of political correctness and not to hurt anyone which is fine. But one hopes in heart he realizes the actual mistake and not be in perpetual denial state that he shows to outside world. This could lead to turning a new leaf in his career.