JrNTR-Kodali-NaniIt is no secret that Jr NTR and Kodali Nani were the thickest friends. Nani was instrumental in the materialization of NTR’s blockbuster film, Aadi. They were together right from a young age. But they’ve severed ties now and here’s a look into what happened, as revealed by Vinayak, the director of Aadi.

“Jr NTR and Kodali Nani were very good friends. Once the political angle came, they separated. When Nani joined YSRCP, they lost touch with each other. Till then, they were together all the time. The parties and families bought a gap between them. The day Nani joined YCP, I guess he lost touch with NTR’ Vinayak revealed.

Vinayak added that NTR is a very composed man and he knows full well how to treat a man and where to set the boundaries with him. He has a detailed understanding of how to deal with people.

About NTR, Kodali Nani and Vinayak himself possibly coming together for a film in the future, Vinayak said we never know what the future holds.