Jr NTR - Mahesh Babu - ChiranjeeviDistricts of Rayalaseema are severely hit by the unprecedented rains leading to flooding of many areas. Many people got displaced and many lost everything. This is happening for a couple of weeks. With rains subsided, the people are trying to get back on their feet.

Meanwhile, staying silent till now, the star heroes have suddenly started donating for the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. It has started with Young Tiger NTR announcing 25 Lakh Rupees first and after some time, Chiranjeevi, Mahesh Babu, and Ram Charan have joined as well.

It is said that more stars will join them in a few hours. The Telugu film industry is always at the forefront to help the people in crisis. This time, they are a bit late, and also, the donations spree looks happening in a pattern, and that too with the same amount (at least for now).

The pattern looks like the stars have sat for a meeting and discussed how to do and what to do. Social media is suspecting if this is a kind of pleasing the Government in the wake of various contentious issues like Ticket Prices hike, Special Shows permission, etc.

Did the Government propose an escape route to exit from the issue? – some other people suspect. Whatever may be the reason, hopefully, the money will come to the rescue of the needy at these difficult times.