Komoram Bheemudo fan warsEver since RRR had released, there have been so many comparisons as to who acted well in the film. The debate is continuing even today and it has peaked once again after the Komoram Bheemudo song featuring NTR was released.

While NTR fans are proudly making comments that NTR is the best actor of the generation, Ram Charan fans are equally at it countering Komoram Bheemudo song only worked because of Charan.

The fans are abusing the opposite star to judge who performed better in RRR in the most possible vulgar language.

Looking at all this, one can only understand why bringing two top stars of the generation into one movie is not a joke.

RRR is a clear exception and if not for Rajamouli, this would not have happened and it will also not get repeated again for another decade at least. One thing is quite sure there is no other director who can convince two top mass heroes to be part of a single film.