jr ntr calls apology balakrishnaThere is an air of tension between Balakrishna and NTR for a couple of years from now. Though nothing is said officially, the issues are obvious. Balakrishna is unhappy with NTR and maintaining distance from him and not a mention of his name in Balakrishna’s interactions since long.

According to the a popular English tabloid’s report, NTR called and apologised to his uncle. The reaction of Balakrishna is unknown. In the present scenario, when both Balakrishna and NTR’s films are getting ready for Sankranthi release, the issues between them need to be sorted out to please the Nandamuri fans and make them stay united.

The coming days are going to reveal whether or not the Nandamuri scions have come to an understanding and made peace. In this context, the upcoming audio events of ‘Naannaku Prematho’ and ‘Dictator’ will be crucial for Nandamuri scions and fans.