NTR Badly Needs A Pushpa Icon StAAr Allu Arjun‘s Pushpa has got so much of good name for the star. There has been a unanimous positive response for Allu Arjun’s extreme makeover and performance in the film. He also impressed the audience of the North for the same reason.

With all this buzz, NTR fans can not stop lamenting about the star not doing something like that. NTR is one star with tremendous performance capabilities in the current generation. However, there is no such attempt to do something radical and different.

When was the last time NTR attempted something different? There is no much experiment even in terms of the looks as well. All that we have seen is NTR coming up with good performances in regular films but that is not just enough.

Stars like Allu Arjun and Ram Charan who are not very known for trying something different have also tried it. It’s high time NTR attempt something radical. Only then, NTR will be doing justice to the immense potential he is believed to be possessing. And only as such he can become a Pan-India Star.