NTR-temper-expressionsBe it Mahesh Babu or NTR, when their recent movies opened to poor box-office talk, these star heroes didn’t promote those films. They didn’t even try to add their glamour to save the sinking ships. While Mahesh was out of scene of the promotions after ‘Aagadu’ hit theatres, the same was done by NTR for ‘Ramayya Vastavayya’ and ‘Rabhasa’.

In case of Mahesh Babu, the reasons aren’t obvious as to why he didn’t promote his movie. But NTR did seem to have some financial issues with the producers of his past films. So one didn’t espect any promotions from his side after those movies opened to negative talk.

But after ‘Temper’s release, NTR posted his first message acknowledging the support of his fans. He totally accorded the success to the amazing contribution of the cast and crew and he specially mentioned the support of audiences, fans and their unconditional love. His message has got a promise that he will work even harder to keep entertaining the audiences.

The best thing about his message is mentioning the support of audiences not just Nandamuri fans. And truly even non-fans were equally in awe of NTR’s performance for this movie and after a long ime, female audiences too have their share in spreading positive word of mouth on the movie.