Now, Sri Reddy's Warning to Nani's Wife Anjana YelavarthyIt has been five days when Nani’s wife Anjana chose to react against Sri Reddy’s allegations indirectly by posting her opinion that no one believes the allegations because Sri Reddy has put publicity ahead of people’s lives.

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Now, Sri Reddy warned Anjana not to interfere and wait till she comes up with proper pieces of evidence to prove the allegations that Nani had sexual relationships not only with her but also multiple-relationships with many girls. The controversial actress says that she came across Anjana’s post, today.

We know that Nani sent a legal notice to Sri Reddy for which she is reacting more violently and trying to bring him down alleging that he was responsible for her lost opportunity in ‘Bigg Boss 2’. Till now, as Nani’s wife Anjana reacted and from the film fraternity, it was only hero Vishal who came to the defence on the behalf of Nani.

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