Sri reddy allegations VishalAllegations and more allegations without proof, just threatening that she will be revealing the facts with proofs and becomes silent and chooses a new celeb to just throw allegations. It’s clear that we are talking about Sri Reddy who posted a cryptic post targeting Tamil hero Vishal. Nothing is hidden as the mention of Nadigar Sangam and Tamil Nadu Film Producers Council is enough evidence.

Here, only the person is different but the allegations are the same that he had allegedly harassed actresses for sexual favours, gave money for the favours and she has proofs to prove that he is a fake etc. Further, she went on to allege that Vishal who is hungry for money is harassing the small producers and even extorting money from them.

Looks like, Sri Reddy is talking about Vishal’s latest video when he interacted with media about his upcoming movie ‘Ayogya’ (Tamil remake of ‘Temper’) and took the reference of #MeToo movement and how the film is going to address the sexual harassment of women. Remember, Vishal was the only big name to take a stand for Nani and asked for real proof when Sr Reddy was continuously targeting Nani. Things look quite obvious, don’t they?