Akhil heroine complains akhilWhenever a highly awaited film turns out out be a big flop, audiences and critics try to criticize the areas where it has gone wrong. The introspection of the film’s unit is also very necessary as it serves as a learning experience. Now, Sayesha Saigal, ”Akhil’s heroine, also sees through the faults of the movie.

She agrees with the critics opinion that the romantic angle of the movie could have been better and lack of proper romantic scenes and chemistry between the lead actors failed to attract youth to the theaters. She also has complains on the content and hoped it could have been more meaningful.

Sayesha is presently busy with her Bollywood debut with ‘Shivaay’, by actor-director Ajay Devgan. Besides this, she has three more projects in hand and the foremost among them is a Tollywood project reveals Sayesha Saigal.