Nothing Changes Even If RRR Releases After KGF 2There has been a constant effort by some vested interests to belittle RRR and elevate KGF 2. They go to the extent that RRR would fail if it had been released ahead of KGF 2.

Before going into seeing if that argument is right or night. It is indisputable fact that both the films have enthralled the audience like never before in recent times and are raking big monies.

But the argument that the audience would have rejected RRR after watching KGF 2 is outright bullshit. Every film will have its strengths. RRR is not an ordinary mass film to falls flat in comparison.

RRR brings the two biggest superstars of Telugu together. Watching two superstars together in a multistarer during their prime is a delight and the audience may not get the opportunity once again in near future.

Moreover, RRR comes from the stable of Rajamouli who has a following of his own equal to any star hero in the country. RRR is his immediate next after Baahubali 2.

RRR has exceptional performance from NTR and is also Ram Charan’s career-best. Some of the action sequences are jaw-dropping.

In fact, RRR even had a better story and emotions when compared to KGF 2 even though both the films score equally high on mass elevations.

All these factors make RRR a complete family watch but KGF 2 is still only a film for the masses and the youth.

KGF 2 and RRR are big-screen spectacles and both would do similarly regardless of the order. It is a joke to belittle RRR at the behest of KGF 2.

But those passing such comments feel they can get away making such remarks because no one can alter the time and ensure RRR release after KGF 2 to gauge the authenticity of their remarks.