Not Up To The Standards Of Adivi SeshAdivi Sesh has created a niche for himself with quality films over the last few years. Even though they are mid-budget movies, Adivi Sesh’s movies have always looked slick and polished with very good technical values.

His latest hit film, HIT 2, is now getting ready for a Hindi release on 30th December. The trailer of the Hindi version was unveiled recently. Many people were quite shocked to see that the quality of the trailer looked substandard. The Hindi dubbing made it look like some short film on YouTube.

Adivi Sesh’s last film, Major, was also released in Hindi, but it looked like a proper high-quality product. A lot of care was taken to project it like a well-made film.

On the contrary, it looks like the Hindi version of HIT 2 is being released just as an obligation without putting much effort. No proper care has been taken to make it look appealing to the Hindi audience. Adivi Sesh, who is aiming to create a pan-India market for himself, such mistakes might hurt his ambitions.