Pawan kalyan amaravati photos stillsJanasena President Pawan Kalyan was today invited for the Amaravati Foundation event. Ministers Kamineni Srinivas and Ayyannapathrudu and MLC TD Janardhan came to invite Pawan Kalyan when he is shooting at Ramanaidu Studios.

Some media personnnel tried to put words in to Pawan Kalyan mouth by asking how he felt when Chandrababu is directly going to invite KCR while sent ministers to him. Pawan Kalyan however said he will not give much importance to such things.

“One Chief Minister will have to invite other according to Protocol. It is not correct to expect the Chief Minister to come to me”, Pawan Kalyan said. When asked for any advice to Chandrababu, Pawan Kalyan said he do not have so much of experience to advise Naidu.