Savyasachi---BhumikaBhumika who was one of the top heroines who paired with almost all the star heroes has made a comeback after her marriage and started her second innings playing the role of Nani’s vadina in MCA. That film couldn’t give much scope for Bhumika to carry on for her next projects. Same happened with U-Turn where people expected more from the actress but only to see nothing much from her. Now with Savyasachi is not doing any new.

The trailer left the audience with expectations on the role of Bhumika in the film but the director says she will not be seen in more than two to three scenes. Chandoo Mondeti says that Bhumika plays a vital role in the film. Though she is seen in just 2 or three scenes, the importance of her appearance is quite crucial according to the director.

The role can be crucial, but if not lasting longer on the screen, the actress cannot leave an impact in the audience just like it happened with the other two films. Let’s see what is there for Bhumika this time.