Sreemukhii MarriagePopular anchor and actress Sreemukhi turned quite a number of heads with her Valentine’s Day message that she is going to make an important announcement very soon. The message coming on Valentines Day made people infer it differently.

She came up with an announcement about her next work commitment. Sremukhi is going to play a bold character in the Telugu remake of ‘Andhadhun’ as the wife of a police officer. Those who watched the original Bollywood movie would know what that character might be.

She says that the remake is tweaked to suit the sensibilities of Telugu audiences and her role is going to be intense. Happy that she is experimenting with different roles on the big screen and also busy with the work commitments on the small screen.

Sreemukhi also wants to concentrate on hitting the gym very soon not for the weight issues but for being healthy. It’s not the body-shaming that comes first for her but her health is more important., says the actress during her recent interaction.