Not-Leaving-Mahesh-Babu-Hand-En-Route-to-ParisIf there is one cute girl in the world who can dictate terms to Mahesh Babu, she must be his daughter Sitara. Mahesh and family are in the holidaying mood and the four left to Paris for a vacation before Mahesh gets busy with his next project.

In this pic shared by Namrata captioned ‘en route to Paris’, Sitara is seen holding her father’s hand. This is not the case with only this pic, in most of the pics we get to see, it’s understood that she is her father’s darling. Of course, Gautham isn’t anywhere behind. But, he is a bit grown up, now. She is still a cutie-pie. Of course, daughters remain fathers’ cutie-pies forever. What say?

En route Paris ❤️❤️❤️❤️happy holidays everyone

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