Allu Aravind Chiranjeevi Career HitsAcharya has a truly winning combination. It marks the collaboration of Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan, and Koratala Siva. But as exciting as this combination might sound, it didn’t transcend to box office returns. The film is on pace to emerge as one of the biggest disasters in Telugu cinema.

Now, the Telugu crowd on social media has an interesting observation. They say it is time for Chiranjeevi to bring in the main man, Allu Aravind back in the mega compound.

Allu Aravind is a master of setting up winning combinations and he also has the happy knack of picking the scripts that tend to click at the box office.

Moreover, Chiru and Allu Aravind combination will create ripples in the trade business.

The coming together of Allu Aravind and Chiranjeevi will cast a positive impression on the respective project straight away and that is kind exactly what Chiranjeevi might be needing now.

In his remake-heavy lineup, a film with Allu Aravind might work very well for senior star Chiranjeevi.