Not a Joke, Siddharth Ready to Scare GenuinelyThese days a horror movie became synonymous with horror comedy. Instead of scaring the audiences, horror movies are entertaining audiences with an overdose of comedians playing the crucial characters. But, Siddharth’s movie is unlike all those movies.

According to Siddharth, his upcoming movie ‘Gruham‘ will be a pure horror movie as the makers want to scare the audiences. Leave about comedy, there wouldn’t be even a joke in the movie revealed Siddharth. So, let’s be ready to get scared and watch a horror movie in the real sense.

We have to see how people will receive it. Any concept with an interesting line and freshness added to the script is selling like anything, nowadays. So, this might truly turn a successful comeback movie for Siddharth if done well, as the team is promising.