Not Jai Bhim, This Indian Film In Oscars RaceIn a disappointing turn of events, Suriya‘s critically acclaimed social drama, Jai Bhim did not make it to Oscar nominations. This really is a bummer as several Indian media outlets hyped up, saying Jai Bhim is all but certain to make it to Oscar nominations. But in the end, it wasn’t to be.

Instead, an Indian documentary titled Writing With Fire has been nominated for the Oscars. The same was confirmed a short while back.

Given the hard-hitting theme and exquisite performances from the lead cast, many believed that Jai Bhim has what it takes to make it to the Oscars. But it simply wasn’t to be for the Suriya starrer.

For those who don’t already know, Jai Bhim is a social drama based on the life story of K Chandru, a lawyer who fought for the rights of the ST population in Tamil Nadu. The film is directed by TJ Gnanavel.