Not Fair to Create Andhra-Telangana Divide - Ram PothineniIrrespective of the fact that the heroine in ‘Fidaa’ spoke Telangana slang throughout the movie, the movie turned out to be a blockbuster. Would the Telangana slang in ‘iSmart Shankar’ be a road block?

The Telangana slang would be okay in Telangana. But, would that be okay with the audiences in Andhra Pradesh? Speaking about this, Ram said that there is nothing called as Andhra-Telangana divide when it comes to movies.

All these years, audiences in Telangana had no problem watching different Andhra slangs. So, it wouldn’t be a problem in understanding the extreme Telangana slang in ‘iSmart Shankar’.

The recent ‘Oh! Baby’ movie had Samantha speaking the pure form of a native dialect of Andhra Pradesh. Audiences in Telangana didn’t differ it on the basis of the slang as the subject was good.

If ‘iSmart Shankar‘ turns out to be good enough, the accent wouldn’t be a problem, though. By the way, Ram denied that ‘Smart Shankar’ is the copy of a Korean movie. According to him, it’s just the sim card insertion and nothing from the story. Let’s see.