Not Fair On The Part Of Pawan Kalyan’s FansFor the unversed, controversial film critic and actor Kathi Mahesh breathed his last a few hours ago. He succumbed to the injuries he sustained after meeting with a car accident a couple of weeks ago.

Incidentally, a few of Pawan Kalyan’s fans on social media are passing derogatory comments on Kathi Mahesh’s demise. They are digging up the provocative statements Mahesh made on Pawan a couple of years ago and are saying he got what he deserved.

Needless to say, Kathi Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan’s fans have a history. The controversial critic rubbed Pawan’s fans on the wrong side on so many occasions in the past by calling the JanaSena chief names. But that doesn’t mean they need to make a mockery of his passing away now.

It is not fair on the side of a few of Pawan’s fans to humiliate a deceased person. Same is the case with a few hindutva followers as well. Even they seem to be ridiculing Mahesh’s demise, saying he had belittled Hindu culture by passing highly offensive comments on Lord Rama and his demise is warranted. They surely are setting a bad precedent and need to mend their ways.