Actress Swathi Deekshith, who has worked RGV in Telugu horror film Patta Pagalu, says playing ghost is not as easy as one would think it is. It was extremely challenging for Swathi because she herself is scared of ghosts and she didn’t get formal training to play the role.

She said when she looked at herself with the make up in the mirror, she was extremely scared of herself. She added that RGV was very particular about the make up and her look for the role. He wanted her to look extremely authentic as a ghost. RGV is a perfectionist and therefore he was particular about how her hair looked in the role and also ensured that she got herself tanned for the role. She remembers one particular scene where she had to literally yell at Rajasekhar, and after that scene she even was appreciated by everyone on the sets.

About working with Rajasekhar, she said that he was her guide on the sets and was very friendly with her.