Not-Easy-Crushing-on-Kajal-Agarwal-After-MarriageThere is a saying that ‘Marriage brings a lot of good in people as they find happiness in the wedlock.’ Looks like, Kajal Agarwal has been growing beautiful by the day and the wedding has just catapulted that process.

Look at her enjoying her day with the sea waters behind her. Isn’t it hard to stop oneself from crushing on her, guys? She seems to be in a queenly mood having her food on the blue waters with her blue bikini look beautifully complementing the sea.

Any guesses, where she could be? One of the favorite destinations of celebrities is the Maldives and no prizes for guessing that Kajal Agarwal is in that exotic location, Conrad in the Maldives. Isn’t the pic a wonderful and good one?

With a couple of OTT shows coming up and also having a couple of movies in hand, Kajal Agarwal has been enjoying her professional life along with her role as a newly wedded lady who got the love of her life as her partner.