Whenever a Mahesh Babu film is releasing, there is an apparent threat to other films. It is because of Prince’s star power. Whatever might be the later trade talk, the openings of a Mahesh Babu movie in all probability have all the scope to hit a new high every time. At present it is Ravi Teja’s ‘Power’ to collide with Mahesh’s ‘Aagadu’.

Many are worried about the outcome of such a competition. If ‘Power’ emerges successful in garnering positive buzz, would it success dent into Aagadu’s collections? On the contrary if ‘Aagadu’ gets positive buzz, what would be the fate of ‘Power’ at the box-office? Aren’t the two movies pitted against each other while the cine pandits are eagerly awaiting the audience verdict.

Admist all these speculations and expectations, one thing is forgotten. During the Sankranthi season of 2013, Mahesh movie ‘Seetamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ collided with Ram Charan’s ‘Naayak’. But to everyone’s surprise both the movies emerged winners instead of cutting each others’ revenues.

So if the same feat repeats, Tollywood would be more than delighted to have two superhits this season. Not always, one film spoils the other one. Let’s hope that both ‘Aagadu’ and ‘Power’ both emerge as successful films and prove that star heroes need not always lock horns but can work hand in hand parallelly.