Baahubali 2 First Look Poster Disappointed TrolledRajamouli kept his word and released the first look of ‘Baahubali 2′ on the occasion of Prabhas’ birthday on 22nd October. While Prabhas’ die-hard fans are celebrating the first look of Prabhas, not all are really happy as the poster didn’t go beyond the expectations.

Especially, the North folks seem to be really very unhappy as they had expected something humongous and also out of the box for them. Most of them shared their disappointment on Twitter saying that it is average. Some even opined that ‘Baahubali 2‘ poster is like a fan-made poster and couldn’t believe it coming from Rajamouli.

So, it means that the North folks are not really impressed. But, going by the tactics and techniques Rajamouli uses, one hopes that this is an intentional move by Rajamouli to take it very slow and build it up again to the peaks, like he did for the first installment otherwise it is surely not up to mark.