Normalizing Abuse: Deverakonda To Vishwak SenTollywood followers are rather passionate. They have the habit of idolising Tollywood heroes. So, the onus is on the heroes to lead the right path. But a couple of young heroes are taking an abusive stance and sending all the wrong signals.

During the time of Arjun Reddy’s release, Vijay used to often make his fans say a popular dialogue in the film with the abusive swear word of “Madarc***” in it. This drew backlash from a section then.

Now, Vishwak Sen appears to be taking a similar path. Not so long ago he trended the phrase “Addam evadaina osthe …….” From Falaknuma Das. Now, he has taken abusive high road on offline medium as well.

Presumably in the context of senior hero Arjun’s recent press meet about Vishwak’s unprofessional behaviour, the young hero has shared a social media post now. “ #KM ( hint : M – mui )”. This is the evidently a swear word.

“Arjun is a respected senior hero. Is this how you indirectly abuse him? If you have a point to make, address the media and explain what happened. These swear words won’t make you cooler” a netizen commented.

Netizens are now commenting that these young heroes should come out of “using swear words to look cool” dimension and set a rightful path for their followers. They are citing the example of Naveen Polishetty and Adivi Sesh who conduct themselves very well on offline mediums.