Tamannaah--BhatiaThough Bollywood audiences can see Tamannaah as a Baahubali star who rocked with her performance as Avantika, Telugu and Tamil audiences know her better for excellent dancing moves, as well. If they are missing her dancing in the recent movies, here is a video shared by the actress on her Instagram account.

To say the least, Tamannaah rocked in the video with a few excellent moves. Dancing in front of a swimming pool wearing black gym dress, Tamannaah showed that she is one of those actresses who can be rarely replaceable because of her skill in dancing. She just rocked.

Audiences and her fans are expecting to see her in a pure dance number where they can get to admire her to the fullest extent possible. By the way, Tamannaah shared the video for the ongoing #magentariddimchallenge. We can say that nobody can replace her in South with regard to her sensuous body and dance movements.