Nobody Forces Casting Couch on Someone - Tridha ChoudhuryNobody Forces Casting Couch on Someone - Tridha ChoudhuryActress Tridha Choudary of ‘Surya Vs Surya’ fame finds fall with those individuals who compromise. In fact, casting couch is not about someone who makes the offer but about someone who gets the offer. That means it depends whether an actress wants to compromise or not.

Nowadays, actresses are opening up on the casting couch which is prevalent in the film industry and raising their voices against the sexual favours some individuals expect in return for the offers they give the actresses. According to Tridha, when both the parties are in agreement, then it is called an affair.

So, casting couch is between two people. If one makes an offer, it is the other to decide. Tridha’s opinion is a bit different from others. However, the actress is playing a role of an actress in the web series she is featuring in which the actress has to confront casting couch.