No Worries, Nani Banks On SentimentNani’s period drama Shyam Singha Roy is slated for release on December 24. Right from the poster to the trailer, it has garnered a good response. SSR holds crucial for Nani, as this is his first film to have a theatrical release after two back-to-back OTT releases (V, Tuck Jagadish).

Thus the film is special for Nani. However, the film has witnessed unexpected trouble as along with SSR, it has to compete with three other films – Pushpa, Ghani, and likely Bimbisara. But looks like Nani is confident about SSR and is unfazed about the competition.

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Apparently, Nani is banking on the Christmas sentiment for SSR despite the trouble of other releases. His film MCA (2017) got released during Christmas time. Despite the film got lukewarm reviews, it was well-received by the audience. Thus Nani seems to be confident that the same sentiment would work again.

Speaking about SSR, the film is directed by Rahul Sankrityan and the recently released trailer got a rousing response piquing the curiosity. After SSR, Nani will be seen in Vivek Athreya’s Ante Sundaraniki.

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