No villain in Radhe ShyamThe new trailer of Prabhas Radhe Shyam will be out today in Mumbai. The film is releasing in multiple languages and Prabhas is doing a love story after a long time but there is not enough buzz for the film yet. The trailer is extremely crucial at this point.

A new poster has come out where Prabhas is shown drenched in rain on a ship going against all odds. The film has no proper villain and nature is going to be the biggest hurdle for Prabhas as per the news.

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There were reports that the film will have a tragic ending in the backdrop of Tsunami. But we have come to know that Radhe Shyam will not have a tragic ending.

The climax is set in such a way that Prabhas goes against mother nature as the heroine is stuck in a ship and he saves her. Heavy duty VFX has been used for the climax which the makers say is going to be phenomenal.

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Prabhas plays a palmist who can read minds but what happens when he himself gets a victim of destiny is the basic plot of Radhe Shyam. All this will be showcased in a very beautiful and poetic manner, say the director. The film releases on the 11th of March worldwide.

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