gopichand seetimaarrWho would have thought a delayed release in the US would come in so handy for Seetimaarr? Well, that is the case as the Gopichand starrer has opened to positive response all over.

As we all know, Seetimaarr is an out and out mass movie. The track record of such films in the US market is not that good. With Seetimaarr not having any premieres, it worked to its advantage. Usually, such films start negatively there.

For Seetimaarr, the first shows commenced all over the Telugu states. The target audience of the film was its first viewers. And it showed the expected result. Word of mouth from the early shows has come positive.

Seetimaarr is registering houseful collections all over the mass centres. It is all set to be the biggest opener in Telugu cinema post the second corona wave. It won’t be a big surprise if Seetimaarr ends up as the biggest opener ever for Gopichand.

Sampath Nandi deserves credit for his mass filmmaking. He has created a small cult for his films and writing. Seetimaarr delivers to them and also the masses. The combination has done Gautham Nanda in the past. It didn’t meet the high expectations, but it looks like Seetimaarr is more than going to make up for it.