USA-Premiers-For the films released yesterday, like the Kiran Abbavaram starrer Sammathame, MS Raju’s 7 Days 6 Nights, and Akash Puri’s Chor Bazaar, the makers skipped the US premieres as they felt the talk from overseas premieres might negatively impact their opening in India.

But today, the makers must have realized that whatever the talk would have been from the US premieres, it wouldn’t have impacted their Indian collections. On the contrary, they also lost the revenue they would have made from the US premieres.

There is a general talk among the trade circles that if the films do not have US premieres, the heroes in their respective films are considered heroes with zero markets.

This mindless strategy of having no US premieres can turn out to be a major setback for ambitious young heroes like Kiran Abbavaram and Akash Puri, who are dreaming big about their filmy careers.