No-Trick-Behind-Cap-Tricks-by-Allu-Arjun---Naa-Peru-Surya‘Lover Also Fighter Also’ song from Allu Arjun’s upcoming movie ‘Naa Peru Surya‘ has been getting good response for the different soundings with which the Tollywood audiences aren’t familiar. Allu Arjun’s cap tricks and hat tricks in the song choreography have caught the attention of the audiences.

Did Allu Arjun really master those tricks or did the makers use some tricks to show the stylish star performing them in the song? A video was released which shows Allu Arjun practicing the cap tricks ceremoniously along with the master till he got all of them right.

The choreographer said that it took everyday practice for the star hero to master the cap tricks. We can clearly see the kind of hardwork that has gone into mastering those tricks. Besides the tune and the lyrics, the cap tricks are the main attraction for the audiences who like to watch something different in terms of dancing, as well.