Disco-Raja-TrailerRavi Teja’s ‘Disco Raja‘ has only three days left for its theatrical release, but the makers of the movie didn’t release the trailer, yet. The film was certified with a U/A and audiences expected a theatrical trailer to increase the buzz on the movie.

The theatrical trailer would have done the trick to generate some buzz for the film. But, it’s surprising to see the makers chose not to release the trailer. They held the pre-release function of the movie last night and Ravi Teja’s fans expected a trailer.

Usually, pre-release functions are associated with trailer release. Now, the entire burden would rest on the word of mouth for the movie. Being Vi Anand’s directorial and because of the impressive teasers, there are decent expectations among the movie-lovers.

But, the movie to reach the common man, there needs to be some buzz and the makers seem to have gone for a different strategy. Let’s see if they decide otherwise before the release.