No Theatrical Release for KCR Biopic!

Udyama Simham We thought that KCR’s biopic ‘Udyama Simham’ will be the last one among the similar type of political movies aka biopics in this election season. Though it was scheduled to come to the theaters on 29th March, the theatrical release didn’t happen. Now, we are watching the same biopic on YouTube as the makers chose to make the movie available on YouTube for free and also on television.

Kalvakuntla Nageshwar Rao is the producer of the movie who claimed that the theater owners were the ones who had pressurized the distributors against the movie. Whatever might be the reasons behind the YouTube release, the makers could make it available to the audiences before the Lok Sabha elections in Telangana. Will the movie have some impact on the elections? We can’t say anything for sure.

Alluri Krishnam Raju has directed this biopic on KCR that had Tamil actor Karate Rajan playing the titular role as KCR while Dileep Bandari has scored the music for ‘Udyama Simham’. It’s surprising to see that the makers of the movie couldn’t make a theatrical release possible when KCR is the CM of the State. Well, we don’t know the reason behind.

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