No Telugu Films From March 2ndSo, its official there will be no new Telugu movies screening in a theatre near you from March 2nd, the upcoming Friday. The talks have failed between the producer council and the DSP’s, once again and a final decision has been taken.

It is, however, not yet clear if the decision to ban the screening of movies is exclusive only to TFI or other South Indian film industries as well. A meeting was conducted recently bringing everyone together. An official confirmation from Tamil film Industry is expected to come soon. Kannada and Malayalam industries remain unsure.

However, there is a criticism that having a strike at this point when no biggies are arriving in cinemas doesn’t reflect the seriousness of the producers. It shows that they are ready to make the small movies as the scapegoat and ‘if’ a compromise is reached, make more significant gains with the big films. It is, for this reason, people are on the fence and waiting to see how far the producers can go to make their anguish clear.