No Telugu biggies in December

You know there are going to be no noticeable releases in Telugu in the coming days when you hear people say that Dhoom 3 is the biggest movie to release in December in Telugu. Well that is hundred percent right as no film with some sort of expectations attached to it is releasing in the month of December. The only films with a possible chance of generating curiosity are D for Dopidi, Aadu Magadura Bujji and Yemito Ee Maya among the releases ahead.

Films like Yevadu and Autonagar Surya were initially slated to release in December but have been postponed as the days progressed. With Yevadu it was always expected to be a Sankranthi release, Autonagar Surya on the other hand wanted an open space for a smooth run and hence postponed its release to a post Sankranthi period. And then there is a Paisa which is still struggling with finances and finding it hard to get out of cans. In the end whatever the reason there will no biggies in Telugu in December month which means advantage Dhoom 3 in Telugu as well. Let’s see how well it utilizes the advantage.