Rajinikanth is a money spinner every where. Most of the times, local films in Telugu have to revise their release date so as to avoid clash with the mighty Superstar. His last film, Robo cruized in to the Top 5 All time biggest hits in Telugu then. But it is not the same with the actor’s recent film, Vikrama Simha. It is said that the ‘computer animated Rajini’ could not impress the trade or the audience.

Lakshmi Ganapati films, the distributor of Seema Andhra region and Indra Films, the Telangana distributor after cutting a deal with the producer, Eros International could not find proper takers for the film in their respective regions. While the Eros was ready to lower the deal amount, it was said both of them preferred to back out totally and their decision influenced the movie release date.

There is another rumor making rounds, the release was postponed because the makers are in a mountain of debt. A private bank had filed a case against the release of the film and requested the producers to clear a debt of INR 40 crore and then release the film. Since a whopping INR 125 crore was spent on the film, lot of money had to borrowed from financiers and banks. But, since the hype around the film has been dying with every passing day, all those who invested money wanted to be paid before the release of the film.

The distributors of all the languages of the film wants a simultaneous release for the movie. So, the makers had to postpone the film to May 23rd from May 9th. With the postponement of Rajni film now, at least five Telugu films are getting released on Friday and Saturday.