Manyam Puli Release Date Nov 25th - Mohanlal Kamalinee MukherjeeGoing by the way, the Malayalam sensation Puli Murugan has performed at the box office many expected it to be remade in Telugu. In fact, remake rights for the film have been snapped for a huge price. It was seen as another Drushyam in making.

Given this knowledge, it comes as a surprise to many that the film would be released in Telugu in dubbed version. In Tamil, a remake of the film is in planning as of now, though. Puli Murugan according to latest buzz in the industry will arrive as Manyam Puli on November 25.

Puli Murugan was initially supposed to have a simultaneous Telugu release along with Malayalam but that didn’t happen. Ever since it is getting a release date but is delayed again. Let’s see if Manyam Puli is released finally on November 25 or not.