Naresh's relentless commitment for Ravi Babu

Actor Allari Naresh, who is playing an extremely fat character in upcoming Telugu comedy “Laddu Babu”, says that he had to spend six hours every day to wear his prosthetic make up for his fatso role. But he says he didn’t regret working so hard for the film because he is indebted to Ravi Babu.

He said that he was introduced by Ravi Babu in ‘Allari’ and that whatever he is today it is because of the opportunity he gave him many years ago and the faith he had in him. He added that he’ll always be indebted to him and therefore he agreed to do this film for him.

In preparation for his role, Naresh worked extremely hard. He said playing this role was extremely tough because even moving freely was a challenge with the makeup. He had to wear bigger shoes to walk with great difficulty, survive on liquid diets throughout the shoot because munching would affect the makeup and even bear skin infections. The kind of hard work he has put in this project shows how dedicated he is as an actor.