kamal-haasan-house-power-cutThe recent deluge in Tamil Nadu caused by heavy rains was a low point for the state government. While the rehabilitation and relief work is still going on, several criticised the government’s administration and management capabilities during the flood, one of them being renowned actor Kamal Haasan.

Kamal, however, has been dealing with an extended power cut at his house for quite a while now and rumours suggest it is a result of his criticism of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, who is known for her intolerance. The actor, who has been experiencing the blackout along with the residents in his neighbourhood, lives at the Eldams road corner in Alwarpet and has, apparently, been denying such rumours. The speculations also stated that the water logged near his residence was also a part of Jayalalithaa’s punishment for him.

There is also news that the reason for the power cut was transmission wires being cut down due to the flood which will soon be fixed. Let’s hope Kamal Haasan is not being targeted.