No ‘pandaga’ for Hansika
Actress Hansika is one of the most popular heroines in South and hence is always busy with multiple projects all the time. The actress cites this busyness as the reason for her ouster from an upcoming Telugu film starring Ram as hero called Pandaga Chesuko. Rakul Preet heroine of the film Venkatadri Express has been roped in heroine in place of her.

This is the second film of Hansika where, either she has been replaced or the film itself has been shelved. Earlier in the year the actress was selected as heroine for a Naga Chaitanya film called Durga. However the project was subsequently shelved leaving the actress high and dry. Hansika currently has as many as six Tamil films in shooting stage where as in Telugu she has only one film Power on sets. Pandaga Chesuko was going to be her second film had she been part of it. Looking at those choices it could be certainly inferred that the actress seems to be more interested in doing the Tamil films compared to Telugu. But a closer look would reveal us the uncertainty her films in Telugu have been through and the consequent dropping out of the project.